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OneArt 2.0
OneArt 2.0
OneArt 2.0

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Coming Q2 2023

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The Launchpad for Next Generation Projects

Get your 1ART NFT key to invest!

Your personal Tier Key defines your investment possibilities, with it you can start investing in all projects that are launching on the Metalaunch.

Tier 1

10 000 1ART
  • Available 0 / 2000
  • Alloc. Booster 1x
  • Guaranteed Alloc. No
  • APR 2%
  • You Own 0

Tier 2

50 000 1ART
  • Available 0 / 200
  • Alloc. Booster 2x
  • Guaranteed Alloc. No
  • APR 4%
  • You Own 0

Tier 3

250 000 1ART
  • Available 0 / 40
  • Alloc. Booster 4x
  • Guaranteed Alloc. Yes
  • APR 6%
  • You Own 0

Tier 4

500 000 1ART
  • Available 0 / 20
  • Alloc. Booster 8x
  • Guaranteed Alloc. Yes
  • APR 8%
  • You Own 0

Tier 5

1 000 000 1ART
  • Available 0 / 10
  • Alloc. Booster 16x
  • Guaranteed Alloc. Yes
  • APR 10%
  • You Own 0

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What is Metalaunch?

A Premium Platform for INOs, IDOs & IMOs

  • Launchpad for Gamify & Metaverse

    Launchpad for Gamify & Metaverse

    Support & Growth. Metalaunch aims to support creators by providing innovative mechanisms to boost marketing, research, and development incentives in their projects, ensuring growth in the long term.

  • Incubation Program

    Incubation Program

    Benefits & Perks. Admitted Projects will be provided with intros to a network of trusted global partners, strategy-driven consulting, and access to the ever-expanding OneArt Product Ecosystem & Community.

  • Trusted Creators & Innovative Tokenomics

    Trusted Creators & Innovative Tokenomics

    Utility & Value are top priorities. In-depth research and fraud prevention mechanisms will help to select the most promising and innovative projects, ensuring their growth backed by our expertise and innovative tokenomics.

1ART NFT Key Utility FAQ

Why do you need 1ART Utility NFTs?

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You need OneArt utility NFTs to participate in MetaLaunch projects. The higher NFT Tier you have — the higher chance to get allocation.

No, NFTs can be bought only using 1ART tokens on the BSC Network.

Yes, you can buy an unlimited amount of NFTs even from 1 address. But, please, note, only 1 NFT (with a higher tier) will be counted during the sale.

Yes, you can resell NFTs even at a higher price. NFTs are limited, since all NFTs are sold, the only way to buy NFTs is on the secondary market from people who hold them. 1ART NFT Marketplace will be released in Q3 2022.

No, you don’t need to pass KYC to buy NFTs. But you will need to pass KYC before the sale. One address - one person.

No, APR is counted automatically. To claim APR, you need to connect your wallet in the Metalaunch App and claim.

Yes, other utilities will be added after the official launch.

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