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Ultimate NFT & Metaverse App

OneArt Wallet

OneArt Wallet is a cross-platform wallet for storing, managing, and discovering NFTs in all supported marketplaces and blockchains.

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Dedicated Tool for Web3

Web3 Wallet

OneArt Web3 Wallet is a crypto wallet & gateway to the marketplaces and dApps with the esential focus on NFT related industries

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Our Mission

The global mission of OneArt is to build a scalable and easy-to-use NFT & Metaverse infrastructure to let industries utilize the full potential of advanced NFT technologies. The goal is to become a global leader pursuing Mass Adoption through the OneArt Ecosystem Products.

About OneArt
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  • Purefi
  • Digital Strategies
  • Gate.io
  • Hacken Foundation
  • Gvb
  • NFTB
  • Polinate
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Q4 2021

  • Marker SrcPrivate & Public Token Sale
  • Marker SrcDEX Listing
  • Marker SrcFantom and Binance Smart Chain
  • Marker SrcCEX Listing
  • Marker Src“ArtWallet” → “OneArt”
  • Marker SrciOS App alpha
    • Marker SrcSmart NFT Storage
    • Marker SrcCrypto Wallet
    • Marker SrcNFT Collections
    • Marker SrcNFT Preview
    • Marker SrcNFT Send & Receive
    • Marker SrcStreaming via AirPlay

Q1 2022

  • Marker SrciOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • Marker SrcMarketplace Aggregation
    • Marker SrcArtion
    • Marker SrcOpenSea
    • Marker SrcNFTb
    • Marker Srcetc.
  • Marker SrcOneArt Select
  • Marker SrcDeFi Tools

Q2 2022

  • Marker SrcOneArt Web3 Wallet
  • Marker SrcAR & VR Integration
  • Marker SrcAR & VR Streaming
  • Marker SrcNFT Cross-Chain Bridging
  • Marker SrcNFT Minting

Q3 2022

  • Marker SrcOneArt Marketplace for Metaverse
  • Marker Src$1ART as a Payment Option
  • Marker SrcNon-EVM Blockchains Integrations
    • Marker SrcNear Integration
    • Marker SrcSolana Integration
  • Marker SrcMarketplace Aggregation


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  • Creators Rewarding
  • NFT Trading & Bridging
  • Membership
  • Unlocking Exclusive Content
  • DeFI Tools
  • Metalaunch
  • Payment Option
  • NFT Fragmentation&Wrapping


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