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Multi-chain Crypto
Wallet: DeFi & NFTs

OneArt is more than just a wallet. It’s your secure, easy, and seamless gateway to the Crypto & NFT world. Supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche & Venom blockchains.

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Wallet Mobile

Secure & Easy To Use

Native crypto wallet that you gonna love

Easily manage your assets on multiple blockchains

  • Send and receive your crypto assets easily and securely.

  • Trade any tokens on an exchange

  • Trade & store NFTs

  • Discover Web3

Wallet management that is just right for you

Wallet management that is just right for you

Private keys and data are under your control

Private keys and data are under your control

Self-custodial, completely yours

We never have access to your funds or transactions. As you add wallets into your account, they are indexed independently.

Web3 in Your Hands

Explore the infinite world of dApps

  • Explore Venom & EVM-based DeFi & NFTs

  • Connect your wallet to any dApp on Venom or EVM blockchain.

  • Interact with Venom and EVM-based protocols and try using new ones added regularly.

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Wallet Mobile

Persistent Storage

Securely store your most valuable NFTs

Learn from the best, follow your friends and share your strategies.

  • Access your NFTs on Venom & EVM blockchains.

  • Create custom collections to easily manage your NFTs.

  • Share your collection like you share a YouTube video.

  • Keep an eye on other wallets by searching for their address.

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