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How does Google Drive/iCloud Backup work?

This feature backs up an encrypted version of your seed phrase to your Google Drive or iCloud account. The data stored via these services is encrypted with the keys that are derived from your device. It means these services can’t access your data. Neither can OneArt.

Moreover, our app additionally encrypts your private data using both symmetric- and asymmetric-key algorithms.

Please note:

  • The backup option is handy, but it’s a compromise between your convenience and your data safety. Even if you use it, we still suggest that you put down your mnemonic on a piece of paper or store it in a password manager.
  • Don’t reuse the same password!
  • If you lose access to your Apple ID or Google Drive, you will lose access to the backup as well. If so, OneArt won’t be able to help you restore your wallet(s) or access your funds.

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